24 April 2013

Carrot Cake

I meant to post this a while back but better late than never hey! Anyway the 18th March marked my mum's 30th (ha ha) birthday. Being the wonderful daughter that I am I decided to make her favourite carrot cake.
Instead of cheating like last year and using the Betty Crocker mix and insisting it was all me, I decided to bake it properly from scratch. This called for a little expert guidance so I enlisted the help of good ole Jamie Oliver. This was a good move. It's true that the healthiest thing about carrot cake is the name but that's totally excusable when tastes as delectable as this one did. 

Needless to say it didn't last long. 

If you want to have a go at making this then click here for the recipe. It does require you to get your hands on a quite a few ingredients and more spices than your basic sponge but the result is a truly yummy cake that you can imagine enjoying over a good catch up with an old friend in a cute cafe, whilst sipping on mugs of tea. If you drink tea that is. Still being fully intact with my youthful taste buds I'd have a huge hot chocolate with a mountain of cream and marshmallows, but you get the idea.

A x 


  1. oh my gooood this looks amazing! xx

  2. Believe me or not I have never ate a carrot cake in my life!!! I definitely have to try it!! <3 x x



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