4 June 2013

Race For Life

Every year since 1994 Cancer Research UK has been hosting the Race For Life charity event in over 230 destinations across the UK and Northern Ireland. It is essentially a sponsored 5k run in order to raise money and awareness to fund the work of 4,000 scientists, doctors and nurses who research into many aspects of cancer so they can prevent the disease and diagnose it as early as possible. 

This year my friends and I signed up for the race held in Lydiard Park, Swindon. 
Lots of people turn up early so they can join in the big warm up, chat to local radio stations and sort out their pins without the pressure of rushing. 
We might have missed out on this part due to one of us sleeping through our alarm... (sorry guys)

Nevertheless we managed to arrive just in time and after fixing our numbers to our shirts and tying our wrists together with ribbon we headed for the mass of pink cheeriness and music.

There were so many people which was amazing to see and you can't help but feel good with all the positive energy around.
Luckily it was a gorgeous day which only added to the excitable buzz in the air. 

After a quick photo we joined the rest of the runners/joggers/walkers who were queued up behind the start line. 

Aaaand we were off! ... (to a rather slow start)

As we had arrived a bit late we were stuck near the back with all the walkers but after some skillful weaving and dodging we managed to sneak our way nearer to the middle of the line where we could pick up the pace! We bobbed and giggled our way along the route, only encountering a few incidents where B nearly got pulled apart. Note to anyone else tying themselves to friends: communication is key!

Little action shot of us there. Look at us go ;)

The nice thing about RFL is that everyone is so supportive and there is such a sense of community. Anybody can join in (apart from guys) so if you haven't ever taken part because you're not too confident of your running abilities there is absolutely no need to worry as there were so many people of different fitness levels and you can walk and take breaks if you want. This is such a 'teacher' thing to say but with this it really is the taking part that counts!

If you want to find out more or see what races are being held near you then check out the website here as it isn't over yet! And if you are unable to take part in the actual race then you can always sponsor someone or make a donation

Well done to anyone else who has taken part in some way! 
A x

3 June 2013

Sunny Snapshots

So I've been a bit rubbish at updating my blog recently and I really have no excuse but I'm going to try and post more regularly from now on! It will also avoid me getting into trouble with my friends who are, to quote, 'fuming' when there's nothing new up!

Anyway here are a few photos taken two bank holiday weekends ago.
The sun was shining bright, blue skies galore, and the air was warm so what better to do than stock up on a silly amount of snacks and head to the park for a picnic.
Our healthy range of foods included a huge bottle of h2o which got contaminated by a certain member of the group... Good job we had plenty of cartons as well is all I can say!

Love this last pic!

A x
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